Strategic ignorance
Responsibility for Strategic Ignorance.
Synthese. pdf | link

Willful Ignorance and Bad Motives.
Erkenntnis. pdf | link

Willful Ignorance.
Ethical Theory & Moral Practice. pdf | link

Moral responsibility
Attributionism and Counterfactual Robustness. (w/ R. van Oeveren)
Australasian Journal of Philosophy. pdf | link

The Epistemic Condition.
In Responsibility – The Epistemic Condition. OUP. pdf | link

Blame Transfer. (w/ P. Robichaud)
In Responsibility – The Epistemic Condition. OUP. pdf | link

A Puzzle Concerning Blame Transfer. (w/ P. Robichaud)
Philosophy & Phenomenological Research. pdf | link

Evidence One Does Not Possess.
Ergo. pdf | link

What’s Special About Moral Ignorance?
Ratio. pdf | link

Ethics of Ignorance.
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Thought experiments
Analysing Thought Experiments. (w/ M. Endt)
Teaching Philosophypdf | link

Regress arguments
The Book. link | pdf

An Introduction.
Methods in Analytic Philosophy. pdf

Access and the Shirker Problem.
American Philosophical Quarterlypdf | link

Strong and Weak Regress Arguments.
Logique & Analyse. pdf | off

What Carroll’s Tortoise Actually Proves.
Ethical Theory & Moral Practice. pdf | link

Infinite Regress Arguments.
Acta Analytica. pdf | link

Oneindige regressieargumenten.
Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeertepdf | link | off

Suspension of judgment
Sceptical Rationality.
Analytic Philosophypdf | link

Can Pyrrhonists Act Normally?
Philosophical Explorationspdf | link

Review: Vogt’s ‘Belief and Inquiry’.
Mindpdf | link

De pyrronistische houding.
In Het nadeel van de zekerheidpdf

De opschorting van het oordeel.
Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeertepdf | link | issue

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